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How to Earn $100 a Day Selling Your Own Products (With 100% Free Traffic)

Who else would love to sell their own products, but doesn’t know where to begin? Maybe you’ve already created something you’d like to sell… but aren’t 100% sure how to go about promoting it? Or maybe you think you need to have a big budget set aside for PPC, or Facebook ads, to generate your first sales? Or maybe… if you’re like most folks who have PASSION but no profit, you simply need a step by step system for building something you can use to launch your business from scratch? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at a simple approach anyone can use to launch an information business out of “thin air” and quite literally, be earning $100 a day in under a month to boot. Curious to know more? Let’s take a closer look below.

I call this approach the Strategy of Straight Lines, and it works like this:

  • You need articles (like this one)
  • You need a landing page to collect names and email addresses
  • You need an email auto-responder
  • You need a product (or service) to sell

That’s all there is to it, and the above… outside of the actual product, can be set up and done in 60 MINUTES or less.

Your articles send readers who want to know more to your squeeze page, where you give something away for free (maybe a short audio, or the first chapter of your ebook).

Your email sequence starts a 7-10 day follow up process that “soft sells” your ebook, audio program or coaching process.

I call this the Strategy of Straight Lines, simply because it’s a very linear marketing model, and facilitates a conversation (and connection) between YOU and your ideal audience… in an intimate way (via email).

Every day, you collect more names.

Every day, your email sequence goes out… and every day your relationship, and rapport with your readership grows.

Will some people opt out, or unsubscribe from your sequence?

Absolutely – and this is totally fine, to be expected and impossible to avoid.

Not everyone is your ideal audience, client or customer… and you aren’t everyone’s ideal solution.

The key is to connect with YOUR community, and to create products, services and CONTENT that connects, contributes and demonstrates your passion, expertise and willingness to help.

How do you earn $100 a day with this model?

Very simple. The IDEAL scenario is to have a service related offer, preferably coaching or one on one interaction, that can be priced at a multiple of 3 and a half times what you want your daily earning to be.

If you want to earn $100 a day – I recommend a coaching offer of $347 and if all you need to do is sign up 6 or 7 new clients per month, and you’ve got a rough average of $100 a day, based on a 6 day work week.

Quick TIP : It’s much easier for MOST people, as a rule, to sell 1 or 2 people a week a REAL world service offer (like coaching, consulting or personal service) than it is to sell many people a digital download… especially as you are first getting started, and don’t want to over-complicate your business with affiliates, JV partners and risk.

Why is this model all FREE traffic?

Because article marketing is free. The only cost associated with it is the time it takes you to create the content. Remember, this is the BASIC approach to this model… but as you go and grow, you can really scale this up by adding in a blog to the mix, a few social media properties and then recycling your readership around the web to other places you are publishing content. This turns your readers into evangelists for your business… as they’ll share your content around the web in the places they “live”… which helps spread the word for your blog, your brand, your business and your bank account to boot!

Learn Appropriate Forex Trading Strategies

A forex forum is a place where the details of the foreign exchange market are presented for the reference of the traders as well as the people who are interested in the share market. It provides sufficient details regarding the methods and forex trading strategies while trading in various currencies. The forum is similar to a conference that takes place. Here, there are large volumes of material that are available online so as to cater to the needs of the share market people.

What is this foreign exchange forum?
There are several kinds of forums that are available. The classification is based on the nature of the forum as well as the content of the forum i.e. the area which it mainly focuses. The person interested initially, registers in the forum so that he can post his queries or comments and get his required solutions. There are many people involved in this task of information feeding. There are several kinds of members in this forex forum ranging from the monitors of the forum to the visitors of the forum. The forum is continuously updated with the information on a regular basis. There are many additional features added to make the interaction more interesting. It also enables live sessions which allow the people to get spontaneous solution to their queries. The key feature for a successful forum lies in its lively activities and its presentation of data which must be in a very user friendly manner. Thus it also acts as a manual guide for people.

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Get Fast Business Cash Advance

Most of the bar and nightclub owners simply cannot open new locations, as they do not qualify for traditional bank loans. But now they can easily be proud owners of more than a single bar, for they can acquire fast working capital help in the form of merchant cash advance from the popular Rapid Capital Funding providers.

Business advance obtained from lenders come a long way in helping small scale business organizations especially bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other service companies that are in urgent need for immediate cash. They can simply utilize the money thus received in whatever way they want, be it opening new locations or renovating their existing shop.

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Summary Of DISH Network Corporation

DISH Network CorporationDISH Network Corporation is a direct broadcast satellite service provider and is the fourth-largest pay TV provider in the United States. It has its headquarters at Meridian, Colorado in the United States. Through its subsidiary, DISH Network L.L.C., the company provides highest quality technology and programming to over 14.3 million customers.

The company is the offspring of Echostar Satellite L.L.C., and was founded by Charles Ergen and his wife Candy along with their friend Jim DeFranco in 1980. Officially DISH Network was branded in March 1996. Today, the company boasts of launching many satellites, and there are other owned as well as leased satellites in its fleet presently.
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Online Appointment Scheduler Software

Online Scheduler allows a customer, patient or client to schedule an appointment via the company’s, doctor’s or consultant’s homepage. PHP script simplifies and automates appointment schedule administration – the employees responsible save time as there are fewer telephone calls, faxes and letters to answer. The software is suited to allow meeting room booking, restaurant reservation, hotel and motel reservation, cottage rental, residence reservations and many more. Based on the purpose the calendar can be shown as weekly or monthly view. The script provides more options than is apparent at first sight. In addition, work continues on its further development so that new functions are added regularly, which enhance Online Appointment Scheduler booking and simplify time management. The script has been developed in the script language PHP and uses functions that are available from Version 4 onwards. For script functioning it is irrelevant whether PHP runs as a module or as a CGI version. The Organizer uses MySQL as its database system, which is offered by the most Web space providers. The script runs on Windows, UNIX and Linux servers and works with all known browsers. Installation of the script is relatively quick to accomplish.
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