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Information Technology in the UK: Current Scenario & Future

Information technology is the centre of our lives and it can be found playing its role in almost all the industries today. IT is the core of every business and in the coming decades, it will continue to remain a vital element fostering the growth of businesses. IT is a dynamic industry that is changing constantly. IT job positions include technical roles, business-related roles, creative roles and more. During the recession, it was the IT industry that remained to be least affected. Significant presence of IT in all aspects of our life has strengthened its position opening up doors of exciting opportunities in the field.

1 out of 18 people in the UK work with the IT and the telecoms industry which means 1.52 million people are working with the industry of information technology. There are more than 150,000 businesses in the UK industry and almost 87% of them are related with the information technology currently. IT and telecoms industry in the UK is believed to produce an annual GVA contribution of 8.4% and over, of the total economy. Although the opportunities do exist throughout the UK but over 44% of the IT jobs in the UK are either based in London or in the South East.

Job roles that exist in the UK IT sector are –

  • Applications developer
  • Information systems manager
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Systems analyst
  • Database administrator
  • IT consultant
  • IT technical support officer
  • Games developer
  • IT trainer
  • Systems developer

Here are some of the additional skills that IT job seekers must possess –

  • Good communication skills – written, verbal as well as interpersonal
  • Organisation and planning
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Customer focus and valuable commercial awareness
  • Motivation and enthusiasm
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Willingness and in inclination towards learning new and useful skills quickly

Degrees and certifications relating with the field of IT will continue to play its role depending on the requirements of the IT jobs in future. Postgraduate study may not be required at all levels but it will offer you the desired edge in the highly competitive IT market of today and the future.

In future, there can be an increase in the demand for employees possessing IT skills of a higher value along with valuable certifications and expertise in their relevant fields. This will be necessary and much desired by the future recruiters due to huge demands for production of more innovative and useful IT products. It is believed that the UK will continue to come up as significant player in the IT sector. Hence job seekers in future will have to continually update their skills in order to stand a fair chance in the future IT recruitment.


Use Propane Furnace and Save Energy

Are you thinking to upgrade your old furnace? You can think of energy efficient propane furnace. Furnaces have undergone changes over the past few years. These are popular choice among environmentally conscious people. Propane furnaces are 92-94% energy efficient. You will be surprised to see that the cost of running such furnaces is much less than gas or wood heater.

There are three common types of propane furnaces. These are:

  • Wall furnaces
  • Combination heaters
  • Central furnaces

If energy proficiency is your top priority; central furnace is what you need. It is very flexible and most of the new models can be operated with remote control. So, operate it from any part of your house. Even you don’t have to worry about placing the heater. The adjustable venting of the system can easily adapt to horizontal and vertical outlet. The compact unit can easily be fit in a small area in houses that don’t have central heating system. The furnace is uniquely designed to conserve propane gas. It is only on when you require heat.
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Home Security During Summer

Summer is the time when people head out for the beaches! That leaves their home vulnerable to attacks from burglars and thieves. You will be surprised to find out how many people actually forget to practice some basic home security measures. Some leave their locks open, some forget to bolt windows while others still forget to turn on the home alarm system!

And if they get these measures spot on, they might do something really frivolous like forgetting to cancel their subscription of newspapers or milk bottles. As they pile up on your doorstep, miscreants get a clear shot at guessing rightly that you’re away.

Blacksmith power tools are a new range of high quality drill bits, jigsaw blades, cutting and grinding disks and more. blacksmith power tools are perfect for the professional or nivice handy man to enjoy.

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Benefits of Document Imaging Software

Because of the prolific nature of documents more and more business farms are now starting to bring their business under the shade of document imaging system to manage their business within a secure environment and to have access from anywhere in the world, any time day or night. As the system has, numerous benefits companies are now starting to bring their business into digital age by utilizing the system.

The benefits are as follows:

In this fast world, time means lot to the companies. Working with paper files is a time consuming process. The employees have to make copies, file paper work and then search this huge collection of files to get the file that he wants. How costly the process is! However, with the help of document imaging solutions can do such work without leaving their desk. An easy to use system may make time more productive by eliminating a lot of wasted time for searching and filling paper documents. By doing the things through electronic process business farms are now transforming their time money. Isn’t it beneficial?
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Google Unveils Nexus One Superphone

Nexus One phone

With its all new Nexus One, Google is all set to give the smartphone makers a run for their money. The new age phone from Google offers a perfect balance of functionality and style. If you are an avid follower of Google Apps, Google Nexus One is the phone you were waiting for.

This all new Google phone is considered as the best android phone till date and it is all set to give the Motorola Droid a tough competition. With its slick look and smart features Nexus One is all set to take on the smartphones. With this all new Nexus One android phone available in the market, Google looks forward to challenge iPhone in terms of popularity.
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